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Frequent Questions - And Answers

What Documents or Information do I Need to Provide?

After you have signed up wtih us, we will require your Drivers License, Copy of your Social Security Card and a utility bill that has your name and address on it.

How Long Does the Credit Repair Process Take?

Generally speaking you should see results in 60-90 days time. Some items may take longer than that, but once you have a few items removed from your credit report, any positive credit added, will grow you score faster. If you want to find out what we can do for you, please complete our Free Consultation form and we can access your individual case and provide some better insight.

How Does Credit Repair Work?

The credit repair process includes sending out dispute letters to all of the credit bureaus and requesting validation within 30 days. If there is no response in that time-frame, then you item will be removed automatically. We can also dispute items that have errors in the documentation, account numbers and your personal information. Once all the disputable items are removed, we will provide insight on how to build new credit and maintain that good credit for years to come.

How Low Should my Credit Card Balance be?

It is ideal to keep all of your credit cards balances under 30%. If you are able to keep them even lower than that, it will drastically help you improve your scores. You must continue to use your credit cards each month, making small purchases on each to show you are using your credit responsibly.

Can I do My Own Credit Repair?

Yes you can do your own credit repair process, but like most professional services, we have knowledge and processes that get you the best results fastest!

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